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Lion Garage Door is your trusted partner for your garage door repair needs. We specialize in residential and commercial new garage doors installation. Our garage door repair technicians have been in this field for years, so they know what to do. We have the skills and tools to fix anything you give at a reasonable price. We also make sure to finish the job quickly, so you can resume your normal routine right away.

Whether you have a complex garage door problem or a simple issue, you can call us to fix it for you. It doesn’t matter whether your garage doors refuses to open or squeaks. It is best that you don’t fix the door on your own, especially if you don’t have the right tools as you may only end up causing further damage to the garage door. Call us and expect a team of expert technicians to arrive at your location right away!


We are committed to quality service. As such, you can expect to get only the best from us. We invest in the best tools and equipment for this kind of job. You can do some repairs if you know something or you’ve fixed the same problem before. There are two parts that may need to be fixed when a garage door starts acting up. These are the door itself and the garage door opener repair. With enough effort, time and patience, you can do it. If you think you can do it, don’t hesitate to call us. Our garage door repair technicians observe all the safety precautions, so they can do it properly and safely.

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair

We perform tests to determine where the main problem is. We first inspect the door opener to see if the garage door can be opened without any problem. We check the hardware to see if there are any problems and the metal tracks. The mounting brackets that secure the track to the walls can also become loose overtime. These brackets will be tightened to prevent the door from falling off. We also inspect the door for any dents, breaks or marks on the tracks. If there’s any mark, that section of the door will be removed and flattened using a hammer.

Our technicians use a carpenter’s level to ensure that the door is properly aligned. The horizontal tracks must have a downward slant, while the vertical tracks must be straight. We will also check to ensure that the track is properly aligned and parallel to each other. If there are problems, we make the necessary adjustments to keep you safe and prevent further damage to the door.

We can also do maintenance service. We can clean and lubricate the tracks and rollers to ensure the smooth functioning of the garage door. Our technicians will inspect the springs to ensure that there are no wear or breakage problems. We can also tighten the fasteners and ensure that the parts of the garage door are in proper alignment.

We’re always happy to help, so call us today!