Wood Light Garage Doors Norfolk

Who We Are?

We are the best garage door repair and garage door installation company , providing you with the quality that you expect at every turn.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something major, we are the team that you’re going to want to have on call.

General garage door maintenance, services, repair, installation and a whole lot more are no problem for us, and that means you can have one number stored to take care of absolutely anything related to your garage door. How easy is that?

Each and every technician that we hire is not only licensed and insured, but the best person for the job. We can service, repair and sell any brand of garage door or opener that you want, so if you’ve already done the research on what you like best or if you already have a door or opener, we can take care of it.

All of our technicians are prepared for just that. And they’re all professional, friendly and courteous. You don’t want someone around your house that’s unfriendly, after all, right? So we make sure our crew takes care of your home, your yard and any of your belongings they might need to interact with the same way they would take care of their own.

What you really want, however, is a service that gives you prices you can afford and quality that you can trust. We make sure our rates are always reasonable and, to make sure you know you can trust the quality of our work, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our garage doors and openers.

That means you can be confident when we leave that the door or opener that we’ve installed is going to keep working for you, for as long as you need it or want it to. What could be more reassuring than that?

As a locally owned and operated business, we are part of your community and we couldn’t be happier to support those around us. We want our community to look great and we want everyone within our company to know where they can turn, no matter what services they need.

Your garage door is an important part of your business or an important part of your home, and we want to make sure that it continues to look and function just as great as the day that you first had it installed.

You never need to be without your garage door or your garage door opener again. All you have to do is give us a call to find out how to make that happen!

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Lion Garage Door Commitment

We are committed to quality service. As such, you can expect to get only the best from us. We invest in the best tools and equipment for this kind of job. You can do some repairs if you know something or you’ve fixed the same problem before. There are two parts that may need to be fixed when a garage door starts acting up. These are the door itself and the garage door opener repair. With enough effort, time and patience, you can do it. If you think you can do it, don’t hesitate to call us. Our garage door repair technicians observe all the safety precautions, so they can do it properly and safely.

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If rain and other debris are coming through your garage door, it is as easy as your garage door may not be sealed properly or may need new seals.

If your garage door remote is not working, first check your batteries, they may need to be changed. When the wall –mounted button works but the remote does not you may need to reprogram your remote.

If your door closes about half way, stops and goes back up, the lights on the opener are flashing. If this is the case, Lion Garage Door can come out for a tune-up.

The garage door is the largest moving structure in your home and with so many parts, there is wear out over time. It is recommended that you get your garage door tuned up yearly from a trained technician. It’s imperative that you do not attempt to fix or tune up your own garage door; you can be seriously hurt or even killed.

Installing a garage door can be very dangerous; this is a complicated process and it should be done by a trained technician to install the garage door. A professional will adjust and lubricate the door upon installation and trusting a company like Lion Garage Door, you receive warranties on parts, employed trained installers and a personal guarantee from the owner for the product and customer service.

If a garage door spring breaks; we ask that you do not try to attempt to replace yourself. Garage door springs are under high tension and can cause injury or death if you are inexperienced on installing garage doors. There are two types of springs used with garage doors. Extension springs are located above the tracks on both sides and torsion springs, which are located above the garage door opening. The danger is not the only reason to let a pro replace your torsion springs. Figuring out what size of replacement springs your garage door requires and then finding them at a retailer, is a project in and of itself. If you have a garage door that wouldn’t open, and a repair job that I wouldn’t be taking on, it was time to get on the phone to Lion Garage Door.

You likely have a failure in the opener drive system. This usually occurs when the garage door hardware begins to wear out. Repairing or replacing the opener may not be enough to correct the issue, and if the underlying cause is not identified and corrected the new parts or opener will likely be damaged again.

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair

We perform tests to determine where the main problem is. We first inspect the door opener to see if the garage door can be opened without any problem. We check the hardware to see if there are any problems and the metal tracks. The mounting brackets that secure the track to the walls can also become loose overtime. These brackets will be tightened to prevent the door from falling off. We also inspect the door for any dents, breaks or marks on the tracks. If there’s any mark, that section of the door will be removed and flattened using a hammer.

Our technicians use a carpenter’s level to ensure that the door is properly aligned. The horizontal tracks must have a downward slant, while the vertical tracks must be straight. We will also check to ensure that the track is properly aligned and parallel to each other. If there are problems, we make the necessary adjustments to keep you safe and prevent further damage to the door.

We’re always happy to help, so call us today!

Lion Garage Door is your trusted partner for your garage door repair needs. We specialize in residential and commercial garage door repair. Our garage door repair technicians have been in this field for years, so they know what to do. We have the skills and tools to fix anything you give at a reasonable price. We also make sure to finish the job quickly, so you can resume your normal routine right away.

Whether you have a complex garage door problem or a simple issue, you can call us to fix it for you. It doesn’t matter whether your garage doors refuses to open or squeaks. It is best that you don’t fix the door on your own, especially if you don’t have the right tools as you may only end up causing further damage to the garage door. Call us and expect a team of expert technicians to arrive at your location right away.

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