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How important is it to repair your garage door? There’s various components that make up the door including the opener. However, the garage door itself is another of the important parts so it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. There’s various types of repairs that are required for garage doors. Out company can provide all the fixes you need whether they’re big or small. This will help to get your garage up and running at 100% again.

Why Pick Lion Garage Doors?

There’s many companies to pick from if you need to get your garage door fixed. Why should you consider our company? Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured so both parties will be protected in case a mistake or accident happens during the garage door repair. We also take calls 24/7 so you can be assured your garage door will get fixed as soon as quickly. Our company uses high-quality parts to fix the door properly and increase durability and reliability. After the repair is done the door will also be protected with our outstanding warranty.

Another plus is our company also services several areas throughout North Carolina. Make sure to check the complete list to learn whether or not we can service the garage door in your city or town. There’s no way to know whether or not that’s the case until you check the locations we service.   

Why Doesn’t Your Garage door Work?

If you’re having problems operating your garage door you might be surprised by the various causes, which can include the following ones:

1. Photo Eye

Sometimes the photo eye isn’t lined up, which can prevent the garage door form functioning. A new safety feature prevents people from rushing to enter or exit the garage before the door closes. That’s because since 1993 garage doors have had tiny photo eyes on both sides of the garage’s entrance. They both emit an invisible beam to pick up anything that’s under the garage door as it closes. This helps to prevent the door from dropping on someone, which in turn helps to prevent major injury and property damage.

There’s a few common problems that can cause the photo eyes to malfunction. One is them getting a little dirty. However, a more serious problem is when the eyes aren’t aligned. In that case it’s important to make sure they’re lined up correctly so the garage door can effectively detect when someone or something is in in its path.

This is a more complex process so it’s a good idea to hire the services of a professional garage door repair company like ours. It involves pointing the eyes so they’re pointing in one direction and at one angle. This is an important process. This will allow the system to function properly and detect if a person or thing is under the door.

2. Transmitter Batteries

It’s a basic problem but can have an effect on the functionality of your garage door. If the transmitter’s batteries are dead it can’t send a signal to the garage door. As a result the door can’t open. The process of changing the batteries is quite easy but you still might want a professional company to do it. Our company can handle it when doing other repairs so you won’t have anything to worry about. Keep in mind even the best world’s greatest garage door won’t open/close if it’s not getting any juice!

3. Manually-locked Door

This often is the case when the garage door can’t open but the opener motor runs for a couple seconds before shutting off. We can help to fix this problem by verifying whether or not the door’s lock was turned on.

4. Limit Settings

In some situations the garage door’s limit settings haven’t been set correctly. Have you ever observed your garage door close all the way down then start rising up? If often happens with old garage doors that must be reset, or newly installed doors.

The biggest cause is the open/close limit settings of the garage door opener. It’s a simple fix but it’s another one that you should consider letting our company handle. That will help to ensure it’s done properly and efficiently. We could even fix the door limit settings while doing other fixes to your garage door.

5. Track Alignment

Sometimes the garage door’s track isn’t lined up correctly, which is another potential cause of the door not functioning. In fact, this can be a serious issue. The door runs on a metal track and it must be aligned correctly so the door can move. There’s gaps between the door’s rail and rollers there’s a problem. There’s also one when there’s bends in the rails.

The garage door’s big weight can also make these issues worse. In fact, the situation can become so serious that it’s actually dangerous to operate the garage door. This is always something you’ll want to avoid since it can cause a major issue for you and your household.

It’s important to know the signs of a track that’s not lined up properly. When the garage door springs gets to a certain area on the track a rubbing noise shows that there’s a problem. Another sign is the door even slows down a little when it reaches the spot. In both cases it’s critical to contact our company any time of the day or night. Our professional repairmen can literally get your garage door back on track. This will help to make sure the unit is operating at an optimum level.

6. Disconnect Switch

This fix is about the switch being turned on. In this situation you’ll hear the unit’s motor running for the time required to open/close the garage door but there’s a catch in this situations. The door doesn’t move! There’s a good chance the door’s disconnect switch was enabled.

The function lets you open/close the garage door manually in case you lose power while you’re operating the door. This helps to prevent your car from getting stuck in the garage until the power turns back on.