Welcome to Lion Garage Door services.

We provide repair, installation, maintenance, and even modification work to your garage. If you have got a problem garage door at home, then we can fix it! Whatever kind of problem you may have, then we are prepared to come and fix your garage door.


And if you have never had a garage door installed yet, then we can also give you some advice on how to do it! On our site, you can find all sorts of useful posts about how to choose, maintain or even fix common garage door issues. You can find all types of information related to garage doors, when you need it, right on our site. Just feel free to browse our posts or contact us if you need any more details, we are always happy to assist you.


Lion Garage Door North Carolina Raleigh
Lion Garage Door North Carolina Raleigh



We are the right partner for you when you need professional solutions.

We are your competent service partner when it comes to checking, servicing, repairing and adding new equipment to your doors and garage doors of all makes.


Garage doors, which are among the most used doors if you have got a vehicle in buildings, play a crucial role in the trouble-free operation of a place such as a business. Preventive measures must, therefore, be taken in time. Garage doors – like your cars that are stored in them – should be reviewed regularly. So you should hire our services if you need to get your garage door regularly maintained as well.


Our services for regular maintenance checks and inspections are the best guarantees for a safe, durable and trouble-free use of your door system. You can benefit from an individual maintenance contract that meets all your requirements and needs.


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The team at Lion Garage Doors is composed of a team of experts in automation and mechanical opening systems, automatic latches and garage doors of all kinds. Our team deals with any type of project related to garage doors, whether it is a company or single-family home. We cover all the technical aspects related to your facilities: regular preventive maintenance, garage door repair, and so much more. Feel free to contact us if you have got a specific question about garage door maintenance, and we will gladly get back to you. You could also browse through our posts if you are looking for something more specific.


You can also count on us for repairs.

We repair garage doors quickly, using all our skills and reliability. Our competent service staff is quickly on site to ensure that the operation of your door installation is restored without delay. You can also trust us if you want to find out more information about what kind of garage door repair you need to do. And if you want to find more information about how to deal with a minor garage door issue, then you can go to us for that information too. We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate information so that you can make the best assessment of how to repair your garage door.

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