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A garage door is a door that is used for covering the entrance of the garage. The invention of cars generated the need to have garages and thus the installation of garage doors began to cover the garage entrances.



Types of garage doors

  • Solo board: this type of garage door is constructed from one single wooden frame which is huge, and is installed above the head with one side fixed to the wall from where it gets moved up
  • Sectional doors: the amount of space that a sectional garage door takes up is equivalent to the single panel door but is better as it does not swing up. This type of door does not require any additional space and can be installed within the space of the wall


Materials used to construct garage doors

  • Aluminum: doors made using this metal are lightweight, affordable and require no maintenance
  • Steel: such garage doors are high in durability, are not expensive to install
  • Wood: the doors made from wood are attractive and are the most common material used in homes but require extra efforts on maintenance



Garage Door Repair, Clayton, North Carolina offers its customers all type of materials garage doors.



Services offered for garage doors

Garage Door Repair, Clayton, North Carolina offers a wide range of services such as:

  • Garage door repair: this type of repair is an overall repair process and covers everything from hinges to polishing
  • Spring Replacement: the springs are the most crucial part of a garage door and need to be in perfect shape as springs control the movement of the door and need an expert to repair them


Garage doors have evolved over a period of time and must be handed over only to professionals for repair and installation.

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