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When you need to have a new garage door repair Chapel Hill NC installed, there are a lot of considerations to think about. You will need to pick the right one, not to mention also know how to repair it as well. So here is a helpful article on how to pick out the right garage door repair Chapel Hill NC for your home or building.

Material of the garage door


Wood is more suitable for side openings because of its weight and requires maintenance – painting, stain. This material remains aesthetic and gives a first thermal barrier to your garage because of better insulation than steel, aluminum or PVC.


With less heat and sound insulation than wood, its low thickness makes it a lightweight garage door repair Chapel Hill NC for vertical openings.

Treated for corrosion, painted, lacquered or galvanized, steel garage doors are fairly resistant and require little maintenance.


Lightweight by definition and unalterable, this material is durable but remains a strong thermal conductor. Robust, it is particularly suitable for vertical openings.  So if you need a strong but still lightweight door for your garage, aluminum is your best option.


The most economic solution by far. Lightweight, these garage doors are available for all door configurations and can be easily motorized. Better insulation than steel or aluminum, PVC, however, remains a light material offering only a little protection against burglary.

Garage Door Installation Smithfield
Garage Door Installation Smithfield

Door opening mechanism

Another thing to think about is that garage door repair Chapel Hill NCs can be opened both manually and automatically. It is always better to opt for the second option because it will make the door have a longer lifespan by making a movement for opening happen very smoothly. The mechanism exerts less pressure, so it will last much longer. However, you should decide on what kind of garage door would work best for you.

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What to do for maintenance:

Of course, if you are going to choose and install a garage door in your home, you should also know how to maintain it. In general, most technicians would recommend that you check the balance, lubrication and hinge mechanism as well. If you want to ensure that nothing goes wrong with it and it is not going to fail on you in the middle of opening it, then regular maintenance will help you ensure that does not happen. You should also consult the owner’s manual that you have so that you know exactly how to maintain the hinges or which kinds of products to use as well.

A final note:

If you want to choose a good garage door repair Chapel Hill NC, then you need to make sure that you are going to also maintain it as well. If something wrong with your garage door, then you should try and find a technician or a company that can fix it for you. There are a few excellent Lion Garage Door NC companies that you will be able to hire. So it would be a good idea to try and work with those companies for repair and maintenance work for your garage door it would always be better to let professionals handle that sort of work. companies for repair and maintenance work for your garage door it would always be better to let professionals handle that sort of work.